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We put our trust in you to solve complex problems with an inspiring, friendly team of colleagues.

Joining the Software Engineering team at Pico will directly contribute to ensuring we remain the world leader in PC Oscilloscopes. You will ensure Scientists, Engineers, and Technicians have access to cost-effective alternatives to traditional test equipment, enabling them to get their job done quicker.

You will need to have an inquisitive mindset, a passion to learn, and the drive to deliver.

What is PicoScope?

PicoScope is used to view and analyse signals from our range of real time oscilloscopes.

The intuitive UI takes advantage of the environment the users are most comfortable in. Whether that be their touch screen Windows laptop, their ultra high resolution Retina display on their Mac, or their multi-display Linux Desktop. 

 PicoScope enables users to capture data more quickly by providing features such as advanced triggers and mask limit testing. Deep analysis features such as serial decoding, channel maths, and automatic measures enable the job to get done - fast.

Team Culture:

You will be joining a team of talented, inspiring people with a passion to collaborate and solve problems. We are empowered to update the codebase, processes and build infrastructure to ensure it is as efficient as possible. We continually learn and maintain our professional knowledge and skills.

The customer is at the forefront of our minds. We consistently add value to both our new and existing products, in turn enabling customers to increase their own productivity.

We strive to ensure the codebase is as strong as it can be for future custodians. The architecture is carefully considered to ensure it can be modified and rebuilt with confidence on all target platforms. We value ease of maintenance, ease of re-use, and ease of validation.

What you will be working on:

You could be working on a wide range of problems depending on which product team you join. 

This will depend on what skills you have and what challenges interest you:

  • PicoScope: UI, Graphics, DSP
  • Reference Waveform Library: UI, database, web APIs
  • Drivers: DSP, new product integrations, OS support
  • Build and Release: integration, test release
  • Tech Stack.

We are pragmatic about which technologies we choose. We don’t just choose what we know but choose the most appropriate solution for the problem.

  • PicoScope: C# .Net4.7, Mono, WPF, Gtk#, Cocoa
  • Reference Waveform Library: Typescript, Angular
  • Drivers: C++17, Clang
  • Build and Release: TeamCity, Azure DevOps.

What we can offer you

  • A fantastic team to inspire and challenge you
  • The opportunity to make a positive impact on customers - your code could be deployed to users’ desktops within days of your first commit and can be helping to diagnose all sorts of problems from a non-starter in your local garage to large scale scientific experiments
  • Cross functional teams with the autonomy to do what they need to deliver
  • An opportunity to influence the product direction
  • Learning culture: tech talks, annual tech seminars, courses, and conferences.

Pico is thriving and growing rapidly, we are always on the lookout for excellent Software professionals to join us. From Development Engineers to Test Engineers, we may have an opportunity that suits you perfectly!

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