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We put our trust in you to solve complex problems with an inspiring, friendly team of colleagues.

Joining the Hardware Engineering team at Pico you will directly contribute to ensuring we remain the world leader in PC Oscilloscopes. You will ensure Scientists, Engineers, and Technicians have access to cost-effective alternatives to traditional test equipment, enabling them to get their job done quicker.

You will need to have an inquisitive mindset, a passion to learn, and the drive to deliver.

What are PicoScope products?

At Pico, we have been designing and manufacturing PC-based test and measurement equipment since 1991. Our innovation, experience, and passion - combined with your feedback - have helped us to push the boundaries of test equipment design and give you the innovative and affordable instruments you desire.

Team Culture:

You will be joining a team of talented, inspiring people with a passion to collaborate and solve problems. We are empowered to produce innovative test equipment products and solutions to demanding customer requirements. 

The customer is at the forefront of our minds. We are constantly adding value to both our new and existing products, in turn enabling customers to increase their own productivity.

We take an innovative approach where we positively promote creativity, giving people the time and freedom to explore new technologies which push the boundaries, in order to delight our customers. We strive to ensure our products are of a high standard and conform to the relevant regulatory requirements and quality standards. 

What you will be working on:

You could be working on a wide range of projects depending on your specific skills and what challenges interest you.

You could find yourself researching new & exciting 'disruptive' technologies to boost our unique offerings in the marketplace. 

You could be developing the next generation of high speed Oscilloscopes pushing the limits of performance, or you could work on adding to our ever expanding range of accessories tailored to our customer’s environments whether that’s a scientific lab, an automotive manufacturer, or even a wind turbine!

If your passion is in production or testing, then we even develop our in house test systems comprising of hardware and software solutions to thoroughly test our products not only in the development environment but also on our production lines.

Skills typically employed include:

  • Analogue/Digital Design

  • Mixed Signal / RF Design

  • FPGA Design

  • Firmware

  • Embedded Design

  • Mechanical Design 

  • Schematic/PCB Design

What we can offer you:

  • A fantastic team of clever people to inspire and challenge you

  • The opportunity to make a positive impact 

  • Cross functional teams with the autonomy to do what they need to deliver

  • An opportunity to influence the product direction

  • Learning culture: 'blue-sky' time, tech talks, annual tech seminars, courses, and conferences.

Pico is thriving and growing rapidly, we are always on the lookout for excellent Hardware professionals to join us. We employ skills from a wide range of Hardware disciplines including specialists and generalists, we may have an opportunity that suits you perfectly! 

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